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Today’s post is about my most recent tinkering with eggs. Egg whites have become a constant part of breakfast since the beginning of this year – a habit shaped out from my gym routine. Sticking to a habit gives immense satisfaction and when it’s related to nutritious food, it’s a doubles as an achievement. Whether it’s a quick pancake fix for sweet cravings or a simple omelette to begin the day, eggs always stand as a favourite item in the kitchen. Previously, how much ever I was aware of their nutritional value; I wasn’t regular at eating them.  Few days back, boredom engulfed me as I was staring at cold boiled eggs. The smell of the cold eggs and sight of the usual salt-pepper on the side wasn’t encouraging enough to gobble it down. My olfactory senses voted for the flavours of tadka and I couldn’t get more excited – eggs in desi style! A blissful way to break the monotony!

With a punch from mustard oil, this egg salad (I thought it could be called so [;)]) will be a perfect fit for tasty and easy breakfast.

Serving size: 1


4 Boiled eggs  

1 tbsp Mustard Oil (Kachi Ghani)

3 -4 tbps Chopped Spinach

5 – 10 nos curry leaves

2 dry red chillies

½ tsp cumin powder

¼ tsp garam masala

Red chilli powder and Salt – as required


  1. Heat the pan and add the mustard oil.
  2. Add curry leaves, cumin powder and dry red chillies and let it roast for about half a minute.
  3. Now put the spinach leaves into the pan.
  4. To this tempering, add all boiled egg whites and a single boiled yolk.
  5. Toss them well and sprinkle some salt and red chilli powder.
  6. Now put in the garam masala for the extra flavour. 


It fits as a perfect side along with a bread toast or as stuffing for a sandwich or just as it is. Crumbled paneer can be added to this to exemplify taste as well as nutrition. If you don’t like the smell of eggs or if you have just started eating eggs, try eating them this way – it’s hard to notice any kind of repulsive smell.


  • I have used homemade garam masala. Would suggest using a homemade one over the store bought variety.
  • I prefer mustard oil over others for this recipe for its poignant taste. The sharpness is required to give the eggs a distinct flavour.

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