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Sundays used to be so synonymous with biryanis and pulavs during childhood. Growing up, living in hostels and working away from home, this synonymy took a back seat. It has become haphazard and started depending on whatever the whimsical palate fancies upon. Either way, there is always a wave of excitement around food. Especially around biryanis and pulavs. Any menu on a festive occasion or a party falls incomplete without them. Bading goodbye to the scorching summer, now is the time to pick up the spices and cook some warm pots of pulav and biryani. After tasting the delicious Maharaja Biryani Platter at Yuktha, couldn’t wait to make some spicy rice item at home.

Raju gari Kodi Pulav is a dish you would be suggested to try when someone asks for a delicious biryani-pulav in Hyderabad. It’s a signature dish of Ulavacharu and Kitchen of Kuchipudi. I haven’t visited this place yet but have heard so much about it and when I found a cookery show video with its owner-chef, Mr. Kuchipudi Venkat, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. The measurements mentioned are approximate in the video. So, I worked up on rough calculations and the dish came out so well. Couldn’t believe myself going for a second serving of this pulav! I usually prefer those pristine white shaded fried rice items (Not a fan of the mashed up Indo-Chinese versions) to biryani/pulav.



Basmati rice – 2 cups

300-350 gms Boneless Chicken

2tbsp Ghee

2tbsp cooking oil

3 tbsp green chilli paste

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste

2 medium sized onions, sliced

2tbsp brown onion paste

½ cup Curd

1 cup milk

1 cup – chopped mint leaves (tightly packed)

½ tbsp – home made garam masala powder

1 tsp – coriander powder

3 – 4 cups of Water

Salt – as per taste

Cashews – as required

Chopped coriander – 1 cup ( I haven’t added here)

Whole Garam Masala:

1 tbsp Shajeera

3 Bay Leaves

2 inch Cinnamon

10 Green cardamoms

20 Cloves

1 Black Cardamom

1 Marathi Mogga/ Indian Capers

Brown Onion Paste:

1 large size onion

¼ cup oil


  1. a) Brown Onion Paste:

Slice onion and sautee it in oil. Cool down and grind it into smooth paste. This gave me  2tbsp of paste.


  1. Wash and soak the rice in two cups of water.
  2. Wash and keep the chicken aside. I personally rest chicken chunks in turmeric water for 5 min and rinse them finally.
  3. If the pieces you have are large, cut into small pieces. Since we are not marinating chicken, smaller sized pieces ensure that meat is cooked uniformly.
  4. Take a pressure cooker and add ghee, oil to it. ( I used a 5 litre pressure cooker pan)
  5. Once the oil-ghee heats up, add the whole garam masala.
  6. Scoop in the ginger garlic paste and after a minute add in the green chilli paste. Sautee till on medium heat till the raw flavour is out. This takes around 2 -3 minutes at the maximum.
  7. Add in sliced onions and saute them till translucent.
  8. Mix the curd and brown onion paste and add it to the pan.
  9. As it picks up heat, add the chicken pieces on high flame. Ensure you switch to high flame when the chicken is added.
  10. Pop in the chopped mint. This is the time to add in the chopped coriander. I didn’t have it today. Hence omitted.
  11. Put in the salt. Taste and adjust accordingly.
  12. Add the milk.
  13. As it heats up, sprinkle the garam masala and mix well.
  14. Add water and let it come to boil ( I added 1 ½ cups of water as the basmati rice completely absorbed the water it is soaked in)
  15. Now, add the rice and any extra ghee if you want. Stir it well and add salt and spice powders if required.
  16. Close the cooker and cook for 2-3 whistles.
  17. Serve it hot with raita/boiled egg/salan.


I was too lazy to make salan or decorate it. So savoured it with slightly roasted boiled egg. Heat a teaspoon of oil in a small pan and roast the boiled egg uniformly on all sides. Sprinkled a pinch of salt, red chilli powder and few curry leaves on the egg. And remove it from the heat. Gotta see how this method would work for a vegetarian version.

Try and and let me know how you liked it.

Happy Cooking!



  • Be careful with rice water ratio. Adjust the water ratio according to your experience with rice variety you use. This pulav has a sticky texture when compared to others. I think the rich fats from ghee, milk, curd contribute to this.
  • Yes, the recipe doesn’t use red chilli powder or turmeric.
  • The amount of green chilli paste and garam masala powder depends upon how hot your chillies or masala is. So, adjust accordingly.
  • I have used homemade garam masala which has relatively less amounts of coriander. Hence, added it separately.  



Baking Class Experience at El Pastel, Hyderabad


My first experience of a baking workshop was exciting. This was the first time I had ever worked with butter creams, whipped cream, and ganache too. I usually like to have my cakes without any toppings. It was a great ride working on each of these recipes. Listening to Chef Aman, quickly jotting down notes across the recipe booklet and weighing down ingredients with precision, took me down the memory lane – the lab work related to formulation chemistry, drug development during undergraduation. Did I mention that I majored in pharmaceutical sciences? Yeah, a little of chemistry and a little of biology. College was fun. Okay, let me not delineate.  Here is a photologue capturing all the goodies baked in the class.

Devil’s Sponge with Chocolate Ganache


Orange Chiffon Loaf with Orange glaze


Chocolate Brownie


Chocochip cookies


Spicy Cheese Cookies


Bread Sticks



Cake Pops



Red velvet cupcakes with buttercream


Pound Cake with Whipping cream and Chocolate Mousse


The other student from the class was a 10-year old, who used only whipped cream as frosting for her pound cake. She was very much into teal colour and made a blue cake.


Out of everything, realized kneading bread dough requires a lot of practice for perfecting the texture. Got some dry active yeast in the take away kit. Can’t wait to put it to use! 😀


See ya, until next post!

Eat Out Trials | Restaurant Hopping| Yuktha Review |SBOW Hyderabad Review| Simply South Review |WOFl Review| BBQ Nation Review | Food places in Hyderabad

It has been a while since I have penned down my last post. Hopping between cities, shopping, catching up with friends, cousins, it has been a busy time. Food, undeniably forms the biggest contributor to my experiences either when I am at home or travelling.The health freak inside my head used to prick me from time to time, but I somehow managed a midway. Struggling with consciousness of eating outside on a daily basis and the joy of trying so many flavours, is a difficult place to be in right?  Here is a brief review of what I had recently. I couldn’t take pictures of everything. Hence, mashed up collages for a simple peek-a-boo. 


Wall Mural @ VJA; Dil Kush @ RJY ; mini appam cakes @home; Nutella WOFL; WOFL Ala Mode @ HYD

Yuktha: Their Maharaja Biryani Platter is well portioned and the service was quick. There was a striking difference between the taste of the seven biryanis. I stay away from biryanis mostly for two reasons – their volume and lack of distinguishing taste. But, the Maharaja Platter dispelled those thoughts inside me. The foodie in me was dancing. It had Andhra Mutton Biryani, Andhra Chicken Biryani, Hyderabad Chicken Biryani, Hyderabad Mutton Biryani, Mughalai Boneless Chicken Biryani, Chettinad Fish Biryani, Lucknowi Prawn Biryani. I felt heavy after four biryanis. Facepalm. One platter should be fine for two people with moderate appetite. But, if you are in a binge mode, I think you can have it all alone 😉

WOFL:I was floored by their Blueberry Waffle on my last visit, and I had to visit this place again. This time went there with two of my favorite people. I chose WOFL Ala Mode. It had Baked Apple and Cinnamon, the most lauded combination. It was soft, crusty and had a coconut-like taste with profusive cinnamon flavour. Others had a Nutella Waffle and King’s Meal. Both were extremely delicious.


Caramel Custard @SBOW; Cheese cake and Paan Kulfi @ BBQ N; Cream Stoned

Barbeque Nation – Jubilee Hills: Famous for their unlimited starters, this place always pleases my cravings for tender meat options. It is hard to recollect the exact names of the starter items. I liked the Chicken Wings and Ajwaini Chicken along with Prawns. Ajwaini Chicken caught my attention more than others. Fish starter was so light. I wonder which fish they used, for the meat held to the skewer very well. The cheesecake and the pastries were too sweet for my taste. Stopped by the Kulfi bar at the last and the idea of a paan flavoured Kulfi intrigued me. For the not so paan aficionado in me, it was quite pleasing. I think I should omit the toppings next time, to enjoy the actual flavour.  

Simply South – Film Nagar: Ah! The ambience of this place is always comforting. The Annamaya Keerthana instrumental playing in the backdrop, along the delightful fragrance of dhoop stick (incense stick), brings warmth of home to mind. After going through the menu for n’th time, it was hard to recollect the exact names while ordering. Interesting food confuses me, always! We ordered Rasa Vada, Ullipaaya Kaara Pulsu and Kai Kari Mandi along with steamed rice. All of them were cooked to perfection. Ullipaaya Kaara Pulusu, a soupy curry with tomatoes, shallots and onions is a must try, especially for those who wonder if a simple dish could be finger-lickingly good. If you are anyone who is from Andhra or ever tried Andhra food, you must be quite familiar with the simple and yummy pulusu style curries. They are tangy and spicy gravy curries whose thickness can vary. Kai Kari Mandi would have been great along with rotis or any kind of flat bread. Nevertheless, I liked it so much that I ate it with rice. It is an assortment of vegetables in a spicy Chettinad gravy. There wasn’t any space left in the tummy for ‘Madhuram.’ Yeah, that’s the header for desserts in their menu! 😀

Soda Bottle Opener Wala: Ever since SBOW has opened in Hyderabad, it has become my favourite hangout place. I like the interiors of this place; it has a cozy appeal of a small vibrant cafe. Egg Kejriwal and Mawa Cake are my usual picks. I had Caramel custard on one meetup and had a full course with Chilli Cheese Pav, Veg Dhansak and Prawn Patio the other time. Yeah, I hit the place twice in the last week.


Garlic Naan @ chutneys; Burger King Whopper; Spring Roll @ Chutneys; Dhansak @ SBOW

Punjabi Affair: Sitting cross-legged on a couch and slurping the non-vegetarian platter while catching up with friends is surely the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The place has some quirky posters portraying Punjabi’s philosophy about food.


@Punjabi Affair

Apart from these, also tried Burger King for the first time. Tired of simple burgers from McDonalds, I found the Mutton Whopper refreshing. I could get the taste of mutton and was extremely satisfied with the veggie portion and sauces.

Another dessert, that caught my attention is called Dilkush, a khova ball wrapped in a layer of carrot halwa from Anand Sweets at Rajahmundry.


Orange Candy@ SBOW  😀

I have been to a workshop on ‘Basics of Baking’ today at El Pastel in Hyderabad. It is a two day workshop. Here is a little sneak peak into the same.


Banana Cake and Red Velvet Cake @ El Pastel, HYD

More details about the workshop in tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned!