Arti’s Homemade Products: Review


I can hardly remember what’s happened few hours earlier. Wait! Its not that I have a short term memory loss.:D  Recalling things bit by bit has always been tough, especially when it comes to tasting a wide range of foods. More the experiences, more the tendency to loose out one or the other detail. Most of the times, Instagram comes to my rescue. But, at moments when I am pressed for time, I just simply capture the shots and ruminate on them later. I wonder how food critics and fellow bloggers manage to pull off very well. I should try asking them for tips 😀

Today’s post is about my review on Artis Homemade Jams & Sauces which is based out of Bangalore. Though, my foodie heart still yearns for more expeditions in Bangalore, I am contempt with what all I could taste during the last month. With an increasing fan base for her sauces and jams among friends and family, Arti Vineesh Kumar stepped up with a mission to share the joy of homemade goodies free of preservatives to a wider audience. I stumbled upon her facebook page few months ago. Back then delivery wasn’t extended to Hyderabad, pushing the idea of trying them to a backseat. Finally, during my visit to Bangalore, I seized a chance!

Personally, I believe and endorse consuming food that is seasonal. Lesser the food miles, fresher and nutritious the food is. Arti shares a similar philosophy too. And when I find food and sustainability intertwined into one idea, my respect doubles up for it. It was good to meet her in person. There is no experience like meeting people who share similar interests, right? 😀


While gooseberry, mixed fruit were also available, I chose pineapple jam. Arti gave me samples of others too and I have reviewed all the three jams and ketchup today.

Pineapple Jam:

a) Texture: Smooth and runny.

b) Spread: Perfect, ran across the bread slice at one go!

c) Flavour Quotient: Though it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet, the flavour of pineapple wasn’t strong enough for me. Would have loved if it had a strong pineapple punch.


Gooseberry Jam: (flavoured with cardamom)

a) Texture: Smooth but rubble like.

b) Spread: Didn’t slide across the bread slice easily.

c) Flavour  Quotient: Optimum and well balanced. Cardamom infused very well into amla.


Mixed Fruit:

a) Texture: Smooth and runny.

b) Spread: Prefect, ran across the bread slice at one go!

c) Flavour Quotient: Optimum and well balanced.


Tomato Ketchup:

a) Consistency: Smooth and thick.

b) Spread: Prefect. Ran across the bread slice at one go!

c) Flavour Quotient: Freshness of tomatoes reflected well and the sourness of tomatoes is balanced with right amount of sweetness.


Freshness oozed out of all these products. I tried all of these on the top of a toasted bread slice.(Of course, on four separate days. Couldn’t stomach all in one day! :D)  Winner for me would be mixed fruit jam and tomato ketchup. Priced at Rs.218 for 300 gms and Rs.320 for 500 gms (pineapple here), I found it to be a bit heavy on the pocket if one consumes jam on daily basis. But, for someone like me, whose jam consumption  is quite limited, it could be a good buy for those rare cravings for all things fresh and subtle. If you are have a picky eater at home or would like to alter a spice, customisation is available too.

Got bored or vexed of the dull, thick jelly like jams and sauces that lack vigour? Try Arti’s products, to relish the natural goodness of seasonal produce! Would love to hear about the jams and preserves that left a remarkable impression on you.

Disclaimer: This review is purely based on my personal taste preferences. Everything written here is entirely out genuine love for natural products and is not part of any promotion campaign. Prices of the product could probably vary as per the flavour and type of product.You could contact Arti directly for updated prices and catalogue.

PS: I would want you to hear this track ,a rhyme which is so fun to sing along! Stumbled upon it in the morning and played it in loop for quite sometime. Rhymes aren’t only for kids, right? ;P



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