One Month in Pictures + What I am Loving| Food Trails in Bangalore| Bangalore Diaries| What I found in Bangalore

While I was away from blogging in the the month of September, I was busy exploring a new city -Bangalore. I visited this crammed up, extremely busy city previously but, this visit wasn’t from a traveller’s perspective. I was occupied with shadowing dietitians, learning the nuances of dietetic counselling. Most of the days, I kept myself between home and office. The thought of withstanding Bangalore’s traffic after a busy day at office was quite unsettling.  I would like to take you all through a trip of what I found during an erratic and impulsive hopping spree across the city.


Linoui’s Dark Chocolate at Phoenix Market City. The best dark chocolate I have ever tasted!


Banana Cake and Ginger Chai at CHAI POINT. Starbucks for TEA, I would say!


Pretty sight of flowers on a holiday morning ❤


Books, spices, a wide range of premium olive oils @Foodhall, One MG Mall.

Take a look at the round spices in the last horizontal column of the above collage. Black Pepper, Pink Pepper and All spice from left to right! Pink pepper, sounds fancy right? From distance, they reminded me of sparkly sugar toppings that are sprinkled on the top of cakes and cupcakes. By the way, interestingly they are not a member of the pepper family. Pink peppercorns are dried berries of Brazilian pepper tree and have a lighter peppery taste and impart fruity fragrance. ‘All spice’ also known as Jamaican pepper has a powerful medley of aromas of cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg and cloves.  I tried the tzatzki, harissa mayo, pesto mayo, greek goddess mayo and a couple of cheeses.

tea pots-foodhall-tadkatales

Some kitchen ware to ogle at 😛 @foodhall; One MG Mall.

Apart from these I have come across ginger beers and exotic coffee syrups, tea leaves and many more. Walking in food hall, was an culinary educational experience!


My eyes went bright as I stumbled on Jamie Oliver’s book – one of my favourite Chef! 😀


Delicious and mouth watering Gunda berries, a famous Gujarati pickle 😀                                                                                  Never found a store bought pickle this tempting and fresh!



Apollo fish and Smoked Chicken Bao at Kylie’s Bao, Church Street.


Cheeni Kum, a special line of premium sweets and savoury wing of Anand Sweets. I was floored over the name than anything else. 😀

By the way bought the Pasanda pickle from the Cheeni Kum store. Pasanda pickles are available on Amazon too.


Amidst the dusty and crowded market at KR Puram , the freshness of the flowers was a respite to the artsy mind.

So that’s about this trip to Bangalore. Let me know of your experiences in this urban jungle! 🙂



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