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I’m Sowmya, the cook, the photographer and the writer behind this blog. From quick food fixes to fancy recipes, I like to try them all. To me, cooking  means blending individual flavours of each ingredient together to unveil a unique aroma. Be it Mom’s Dal(Indian Lentil stew) or a Neighbour’s famous Cake – each delectable aroma has a fond memory associated with it. From tadka (tempering) of a dal to the most addictive fragrance of a freshly baked cake, I believe each technique adds its own charm, shaping up a memorable experience with food. Tadka Tales  is an attempt to share such experiences.

Right from the places we source our foods from to ways to grow them to flavours and cooking techniques, I have been in love with every aspect related to food. I find the way food bonds people from different cultures and regions incredible! My fascination with food has only increased over time. As I seek to learn more, I would like to share every snippet of it with you all.

More often than not, I get lost around the innumerable recipes of one single dish and end up bookmarking loads of recipes. I manage to save the most interesting ones to my Pinterest boards here.

Other than cooking, I love to read, travel, soak up in good music, explore different topics related to nutrition and fitness. I hope you enjoy my  recipes and ramblings. You can always shout out to me anytime on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.



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